#BookReview for Tracing Your Irish Family History on the Internet: A Guide for Family Historians by Chris Paton @penswordbooks #Genealogy #FamilyHistory #FamilyTree #IrishFamilyHistory

In this, the fully updated second edition of his best-selling guide to researching Irish history using the internet, Chris Paton shows the extraordinary variety of sources that can now be accessed online. Although Ireland has lost many records that would have been of great interest to family historians, he demonstrates that a great deal of information survived and is now easily available to the researcher.Thanks to the pioneering efforts of the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, the National Archives of Ireland, organizations such as FindmyPast Ireland, Ancestry.co.uk and RootsIreland and the volunteer genealogical community, an ever-increasing range of Ireland’s historical resources are accessible from afar.As well as exploring the various categories of records that the family historian can turn to, Chris Paton illustrates their use with fascinating case studies. He fully explores the online records available from both the north and the south from the earliest times to the present day. Many overseas collections are also included, and he looks at social networking in an Irish context where many exciting projects are currently underway.His book is an essential introduction and source of reference for anyone who is keen to trace their Irish roots. 


I started doing my family tree back in 2005 at Christmas as I was a little bored and was then a little curious – I managed to track a few of my ancestors back but then I hit a stumbling block with my Irish relatives (my grandmother on my dad’s side was Irish – I was struggling to access the records so I put it to one side with the view to pick it back up at a later date.

Well 15 years almost have passed now and when I saw this book I was intrigued and I got a copy to see if it would help me. I am genuinely astonished at what I have been able to find out when I thought that all hope had been lost following the bombing of the records office in the times of trouble.

Reading this book has given me the incentive to find out more and I have been able to use the hints in the book to find out more, there are a lot more parish records available now online and I have thoroughly enjoyed finding out more about my family, their history, occupations and back stories.

The book is easy to read, follow and understand – it is no hesitation from me in giving this one 5 stars, it has been brilliant and such a help to me – anyone with Irish ancestry should give this a read!