#BookReview for Paranormal Warwickshire by S.C. Skillman #ParanormalWarwickshire #Paranormal #Warwickshire @amberleybooks

Warwickshire is a county steeped in the supernatural, as befits the county of Shakespeare and the many ghosts and spirits that he conjured up in his works. The towns and villages of Warwickshire, its castles, houses, churches, theatres, inns and many other places both grand and everyday have rich and complex stories to tell of paranormal presences. In this book author S. C. Skillman investigates the rich supernatural heritage of this county at the heart of England in places such as Guy’s Cliffe House, the Saxon Mill, Kenilworth Castle, Warwick Castle, St Mary’s Church in Warwick, Nash’s House in Stratford-upon- Avon, the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and Stoneleigh Abbey, as well as in the towns of Rugby, Nuneaton and Leamington Spa. She explores the spiritual resonance of each location, recounting the tales of paranormal activity associated with it and examining the reasons for this within the history of the place.Paranormal Warwickshire takes the reader into the world of ghosts and spirits in the county, following their footsteps into the unknown. These tales of haunted places, supernatural happenings and shadowy presences will delight the ghost hunters, and fascinate and intrigue everybody who knows Warwickshire.


I love the paranormal and I was looking for something a little different to read and I found this book on Paranormal Warwickshire to read and despite it being a little more than I would pay for a Kindle book I downloaded a copy and I have to say it was a really additive read!

I really enjoyed how the book was set out and I have read a few snippets of some of the stories before so it was great to see the different activity and hauntings in one place.  There are certainly a wide mix in the area and I liked that it was split across the north and south of the county, even if it did tend to favour the south of the county more than the north, as sadly most books tend to do!

The author had a great writing style and I found it a book I wanted to keep reading and I finished it the following afternoon.  I have already recommended that my husband reads it too as he loves this kind of book too – I have also had a few “strange” encounters in the county!!

It is 5 stars from me for this one, a great way to spend a few hours and a great read, wish there was a little more on my home town of Nuneaton but still plenty in the Warwickshire area to get me thinking and wanting to get out and about as soon as lockdown eases off! 

Very highly recommended and I bought one of the books from the bibliography as soon as I had finished too!!

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