#PublicationDay #BookReview for The Benjy’s Blanket by Miguel Gouveia #BenjysBlanket @GreenBeanBks @penswordbooks

When Benjy is born, his grandfather, a tailor, gives him a beautiful handmade blanket to keep him warm in his cot. As Benjy grows, he takes his blanket with him everywhere. He loves it so much that even when it becomes ragged and stained, he will do anything to stop his mother from throwing it out.

He enlists his resourceful grandfather who cuts, measures and sews and turns the blanket into a coat. Benjy wears the coat every day, morning to night, until it grows too tight and his mother threatens again to throw it away. His grandfather turns it into a waistcoat and when that no longer fits, it becomes a handkerchief, and when the handkerchief is torn beyond repair, it is finally turned into a button. But then Joseph loses the button and his grandfather must come up with an even more imaginative solution – one that will ensure the blanket will last forever.

Based on a traditional Jewish story, this is a beautiful tale of the love between a boy and his grandfather, between a boy and his blanket, the inevitable passing of time and the glorious power of imagination. 


I thought that this book was really, really lovely and each page was a delight.

The images in the book suit the story perfectly and it is a story that I loved reading with my daughter. It has a lovely flow to it and it is very well written too.

I thought that the characters were lovely and the bond between Benjy and his grandfather was wonderful.

It is 5 stars from me for this one, very highly recommended!