#PublicationDay #BookReview for What It Means to Be a Mom: A Celebration of the Humor, Heart (and Chaos) of Motherhood by Jewel Nunez @adamsmedia #Moms #Mums #Mummies #Mammas

A lighthearted look at the daily challenges and triumphs of motherhood that will remind you exactly how much you love your kids—perfect for moms (or moms-to-be!).

Welcome to motherhood! You’re sleep-deprived, your foot hurts from stepping on a toy you definitely told your kids to put away, and you have more laundry to get done than you ever thought possible. Moms everywhere know the struggle.

This inspirational and motivational book takes a look at the daily challenges moms face and adds a laugh-out-loud and relatable spin for every parent. From the amusing to the heartwarming to the inspirational, this must-have book filled with humor and heart will remind you exactly why you love your children every day.


I thought that this book was brilliant!

The book is well laid out and I loved the phrases used and the little snippets here and there, it was funny, positive, made me check myself in relation to how much my little person loves me irrespective or everything that happens too and I am doing as much and all I can for her as well.

I read the book in February, in the middle of lockdown, whilst working from home full time, and being home alone with a three year old a lot of the time as my husband works shifts for the Police - It was like a very very welcome warm hug to remind me of all the positives and it gave me a real smile and a well needed boost.

This would be a great present to give to any mum friends and mum relatives too - a great present to celebrate those mummies out there whatever stage they are at in their journey, expecting, with toddlers and preschool age like myself or teenagers too - it is a really positive read and it is 5 stars from me for this one - very highly recommended!

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