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The disappearance of thirty-five-year-old Claudia Lawrence on 18th March 2009 remains a total mystery, not only to her family and the police, but to the whole of Britain.

How is it possible for a beautiful, independent woman to simply vanish into thin air?

Could she still be alive?

Is she being held against her will?

Or could she simply have walked away from her life and all that she knew to start again elsewhere?

Each of the scenarios are entirely possible, although detectives don’t think so, which is why this was declared a murder case very early on. For reasons known only to themselves, the police have kept a lot of their findings close to their chest.

In fact, we believe they may have a good idea of what actually happened to Claudia but are struggling to prove their theory.

But one thing is for certain, somebody knows where she is.

The police have gone on record to say they suspect her killer was known to Claudia and that a number of her friends are lying to cover up the truth.

As with Suzy Lamplugh, it appears the entire nation were following this case and we’ve all undoubtedly witnessed her devastated parent’s pain, praying they find a path out of their nightmare.

However, sadly, on 13th February 2021, her dear father, Peter Lawrence, died without ever discovering what happened to his beloved daughter.

Maybe, if there is such a thing as an afterlife, they may be reunited at last.

Will we ever discover what really happened to Claudia Lawrence?

In this series of Missing books, we will examine the evidence, the background of the victims as well as the suspects, and try to piece together what actually happened.


I really enjoyed this book and I am a massive fan of true crime and unsolved crimes so this one was always going to be a hit with me – this is the second book in a new series by Netta Newbound and Marcus Brown – I really enjoyed the first so was delighted to be able to read this one, the second in the series that features the disappearance of Claudia Lawrence.

Unlike the first book in the series, I watched the news surrounding the mysterious disappearance of Claudia Lawrence, I remember the uproar that followed the disastrous Crimewatch appeal and my heartstrings were tugged with the news conferences and appeals from her poor father. I had not read or heard the transcript of his 999 call and it is heartbreaking now looking back.

I liked the way that the authors chose to deal with the way it was handled by the police, the possible suspects and ultimately how sad it has been for her family to never know the truth or to find her remains, assuming she was murdered, which is what I believe has happened, to be able to lay her to rest.

It was very sensitively done and it is certainly a book that makes you think, who was it behind the disappearance and murder and if the Police feel they have spoken to the murderer I wonder what further evidence they are hoping for to change him, or her – well written and easy to follow, I started and finished it in the same evening as I was hooked and wanted to read more.

I am already looking forward to the next book in this series!!
It is 5 stars from me for this one – very highly recommended!!