#PublicationDay #BookReview for Abandoned London by Katie Wignall @AmberBooks #AbandonedLondon

With 150 outstanding color photographs, Abandoned London presents a poignant pictorial exploration of the English capital—from forgotten railways lines and underpasses to lost industrial places, movie theaters, churches, and cemeteries.  

London is both a bright, modern city with soaring skyscrapers as well as a metropolis hundreds of years old—and, despite its gleaming surface, there is another side to the city, one of secrets, dilapidation, and mystery. Wander through disused stations on the Underground; immense, ornate Victorian sewers and waterworks; crumbling but beautiful Art Deco cinemas and empty swimming pools; bombed-out churches and eerie docklands; and ruined mansions and overgrown cemeteries, all haunting relics from a time gone by. Arranged thematically from transport and industry to residential and recreational, these entries cover both the modern city and the historical metropolis.

– South Kentish Underground Station, closed in 1927
– Camden’s horse tunnels
– Great Eastern Street, once a place of light industries, now finally being revived
– Museum Street, Bloomsbury, with its shuttered shops
– Crystal Palace Underpass, built to accommodate Victorian visitors on their way to the Crystal Palace exhibition
– Sailmaker’s Factory, Limehouse
– Strand Union Workhouse
– St Mary’s Lodge, Lordship Road, Stoke Newington
– Mansions, Bishop’s Avenue
– The First Class Swimming Pool Hall – Ladywell Play Tower
– Regal Cinema Highams Park
– Archway Methodist Central Hall
– Highgate West Cemetery
– Ruins of a Victorian Folly, Sydenham Hill Woods


I love books like this – I love being able to look back at how places were and I like the mix of cultural and social history that often comes with them.

I love you can pick them up as and when you want and dip in and out – that said I started reading this one in an evening and finished it the same night, I just kept turning the pages, it was a welcoming way for me to relax after a tough week.

This book has a good mix of images and I liked the commentary that was added just to add a few details to the images selected, the locations and how they came to be abandoned in the first place.

I do imagine that there are more than enough places to make a second, third or even fourth book and I would love to find out more and I think that the author did a great job with the ones selected.

It is 5 stars from me for this one – very highly recommended!