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From the N Y Times bestselling author of the DI Sara Ramsey and The Justice series, who has sold over three million copies worldwide.

On the prowl with one purpose in mind… Murder.

When the dismembered body of a young woman is discovered, DI Nelson and his team are tasked with investigating the crime.

Frustration mounts when lack of evidence halts the investigation, until the body of a second victim turns up.

Who is killing these young women through such brutal methods and why?

Time is running out for Nelson to solve the complex mystery whilst dealing with the added pressure of a personal problem which could destroy his young family.

Other books in this series are:
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This is a really hard hitting and impactful book and it is definitely one that stayed with me!

The book was well written and it had a great plot wanting me to carry on reading.  The plot itself makes the book one that is not an easy read in places as it is a bit graphic but that is in keeping with the tone of the book – it is not just added for effect.

The author does a fantastic job with the plot and the style for this book really works.  I loved catching up with Hero and the team too, I am even willing to say that Julie is slowly growing on me and I never thought that would happen!!

I really liked that the plot had a second stronger family line in this one, we know that Hero is a loving family man but it showed how much of a close bond they have in this one.

I love this authors books and this is my favourite to date from the Hero series – it is edgy and dark, a bit gruesome but such an additive page turner – it is 5 stars from me – very highly recommended and a fabulous crime thriller.