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Historian Richard M. Jones recounts fifty stories of lost ships throughout history that are among the most important, infamous, and in some cases tragic ships in the whole of history. Starting at the tiny island of Alderney in 1592, the reader journeys through history, through World Wars I and II, into the age of the passenger ferry and finally to the modern-day migrant issues in the Mediterranean Sea.

Never have these fifty wrecks come together in a book that establishes how many lost vessels there are, how deadly many can be, and what this teaches us today about our own history.


I really enjoyed this book, I love the way that it took you through history too with the details of some of the disasters – I will admit that I am fan of any disaster and I am just intrigued by what happened, the causes and the impact after and whilst this book is not all disasters there is plenty of variety included.

I like the broad range of shipwrecks and the period cover from the sinking of the Mary Rose in 1545 through to the horrifically sad sinking of a migrant boat in 2015.  The book covers the subjects very delicately too as ultimately the majority of the boats and ships looked at had a loss of life.

I read the book over a couple of days and it was a great one with the short and punchy length of the chapters – I could easily see a second book in the series as I think the White Ship could easily be included as that was a shipwreck that changed the course of English history – a great book to give so much food for thought and one that made me look up some of the incidents in more detail.  A great introduction.

It is 5 stars from me for this one, it was well written, well-paced and had just the right amount of detail for me, a great and very interesting read – very highly recommended! 

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