#BookReview for A Photographic Journey Through the London Underground: Look Again by Elke Rollmann and Niko Rollmann @penswordbooks #LondonUnderground #TheTube #NewRelease

WHAT IS THERE TO SEE? That was the question the authors of this book, Elke and Niko Rollman, heard all the time when explaining their photographic project. The answer is LOOK AGAIN! This book will encourage its readers to see the London Underground in a different light. There is, indeed, a multitude of images on offer, ranging from architecture to technology, from old design classics to modern art. For anyone interested in the history of the London Underground, spanning over 150 years, this is the book for you. Once you discover the beauty of this particular underworld, it can turn your daily routine into an exciting and almost endless trail of new impressions. The authors also want to encourage readers to go out there and explore “The Tube” by themselves.

Photographer Elke Rollmann and historian Niko Rollmann have spent over 10 years exploring the iconic network of the London Underground with their cameras, aiming to catch as many different aspects of the system as possible. A lot of time also went into researching the Underground’s complex history. This publication is not just about the network as such, but also about the people who work there and, of course, the commuters. A timeline and a further reading list complement the images and texts.


I thought that this book was excellent!

I loved the vast number of images and the different perspectives that the authors have captured to really make you rethink about the imagery and things you could walk past without taking notice of when you are travelling on the London Underground.

I liked that the book was broken in the different sections and it has inspired me to have a look for the more traditional and older parts of the Underground, I have seen them at Baker Street but never really thought to look elsewhere so the book is quite inspiring and I have a mini list of things I would like to take a photo of myself now!

The book is well laid out, nice and bright and even though I read it from cover to cover in an hour of so it is easily a book that could be dipped in and out of as needed.

It is 5 stars from me for this one and it is very good timing for me to have read it as I am due to be taking my four-year-old daughter to London for the first time next weekend and now we have plenty more to be looking out for – I do love books like this!!

Very highly recommended!

ISBN: 9781526781086