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It’s here: the landmark debut thriller from superstar Ant Middleton, million-selling, number one Sunday Times author of First Man In and The Fear Bubble and star of SAS: Who Dares Wins.

Mallory, ex-Special Forces, is forced to leave the military after a fatal, vengeful decision. Now he walks the world, helping those in need, running away from a past he’d rather forget and the killer inside him.


Today I am thrilled to be able to hand my blog over to my husband mark so that he can share with you his review for Cold Justice by Ant Middleton, which is released today!

Ant Middleton needs little, or no introduction to the vast majority of person’s reading this review. A former special services operator who served with the Special Boat Service; Royal Marines, and 9 Parachute Squadron Royal, achieving the ‘Holy Trinity’ in military terms, he later became the face of the hit television series ‘SAS Who Dares Wins’ and a household name in the process. In addition to all of this, Ant Middleton has also found the time to become a best selling non-fiction author with ‘First Man in‘ and ‘The Fear Bubble’ being best-selling and notable examples. 

This brings us neatly onto the work under review: ‘Cold Justice’. This novel is Ant Middleton’s first foray into the fiction genre and as debuts go, it is stunning. ‘Cold Justice’, is a fast-paced; white-knuckled, gritty account of one man’s bid for redemption. The principal character, Mallory, is a former special services operator who finds himself outside of the military brotherhood he knew and loved.  Mallory is embittered; dangerous, and racked with guilt over an operational decision he made on the battlefield which resulted in casualties. Whilst he is at his lowest ebb, he is offered the chance to set things right by answering a request for help from an unlikely source – the mother of an injured comrade. The twist being that this injured comrade was hospitalised following Mallory’s orders on the battlefield.  Suffice to say, the story unfolds at breakneck speed as Mallory circumnavigates the globe unleashing vengeance whilst trying to contain the dark forces he wrestles with both mentally and physically. If you want to know more – buy the book! 

‘Cold Justice’ is a dark; fast-paced, and gripping international thriller underpinned by a captivating and eminently believable narrative. Ant Middleton’s’ skill as an author is an assault on the senses. The reader is subjected to persons; places, scenarios and contexts which are so vivid and plausible, they could only have been borne out of hard-won real-life battles and encounters fought by the author on the battlefield and on ‘civvy street’. The story is unfiltered and raw. There is no exaggeration; no filler or needless additions, this is an account which revolves solely around Mallory and those unfortunate enough to come into his orbit.  Critically, Mallory is plausible and relatable, he appears to be more of a composite than an artificial construct and it isn’t hard to visualise him or empathise with his emotional turmoil. 

 Mallory’s’ agency, and the rationale behind it is governed by a degree of self-loathing; a troubled past and his inability / unwillingness to escape from it. He acts with the efficiency and tactical awareness of a special services operator, but he is also capable of empathy, albeit on his own terms. Mallory is no ‘action man’, he is multi-dimensional, and fallible. The reader is offered a guarded insight into Mallory and the world he inhabits, and it is an insight which leaves the reader wanting to know more. This novel revolves around Mallory and the reader’s relationship with him. Whilst he is troubled, it isn’t overdone and he doesn’t convey a ‘needy’ persona. He is the tough; capable, and incisive person which most of us would like to be, or pretend to be. Mallory isn’t necessarily likeable, but you wish him well none-the-less. 

In conclusion, I thoroughly enjoyed this debut novel from Ant Middleton. I found it captivating and intelligently written. There is a real potency to the storyline which is entirely addictive. The narrative proceeds at break-neck speed, but it never loses it’s authenticity or direction. This is a stunning debut novel which skillfully avoids the clichés and compromises so readily adopted by it’s competitors. This novel truly is in a class of it’s own. 

If you are looking for an exciting; cogent, powerful, and entirely plausible thriller, then ‘Cold Justice’ is the book for you! 5 stars!!

Purchase Link: amzn.to/3k8skAq


Ant Middleton was the front man for Channel 4’s hit show, SAS: Who Dares Wins, among other major series, and a hugely bestselling non-fiction author. Born in Portsmouth and raised in rural France, Ant set his sights on a career in the armed forces and didn’t stop striving until he achieved his goal. Over the course of his career he has served in the Special Boat Service, the Royal Marines and 9 Parachute Squadron Royal, achieving what is known as the ‘Holy Trinity’ of the UK’s Elite Forces.