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Elizabethan England is a time of superstition and strange goings on. If you have a problem, it’s common to go to a witch for help. And Queen Elizabeth I is no different…

When Daisy — a precocious young witch — learns of the death of the Queen’s Royal Witch, she flies to London to audition as her replacement. But Daisy is from a poor family, and they don’t let just anyone into the Royal Court. The only way into the palace is to take a job as a cleaner.

As Daisy cleans the palace, she draws the attention of Elizabeth’s doctor (and arch-heretic) John Dee, who places her into the auditions — much to the chagrin of her more well-to-do competitors. But Dee knows how dangerous the corridors of power have become, with dark forces manipulating events for their own ends. To him, Daisy represents a wild card — one that may decide the fate of many.

With so many wanting her to fail, Daisy will need all her grit and determination to make it through these auditions — not to mention a sense of daring and adventure… 


I really enjoyed this book!

I love the Tudor period and I am intrigued by everything that happened in the Royal Court of the time too – Elizabeth I is my favourite monarchy by far and this book gave a different view on what would have been going on at the time.

Elizabeth faced plots against her life on a weekly basis if not more often and this book introduced Dr John Dee to the series and he was a fascinating character in his own right! It would have been such an interesting, dangerous and worrying time at Court!

I am eagerly looking forward to the next book in the series now!!

I loved the illustrations and the way the story was told – it is 5 stars from me for this one – I loved it and can’t wait to see Daisy develop!!