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In this short prequel to Alison Weir’s new novel, Elizabeth of York, The Last White Rose, the young princess is born – and the future of England hangs in the balance.

The Palace of Westminster, 1466. As the Queen of England lies in her chamber, exhausted from childbirth, the court awaits news of the longed-for heir…

The King
Edward prays for a son to ensure the succession of his line.

The godfather
Warwick knows his influence over the King cannot last.

The grandmother
Cecily hopes her new grandchild will one day bring great fortune to England.

The friend
Lord Hastings fears the growing hostility within King Edward’s inner circle.

The young rival
The boy Henry does not yet know his own significance.

The uncle
Richard visits the new baby – and dreams that night of a golden crown.

**Includes a preview of the spellbinding first novel in the Tudor Rose trilogy – Elizabeth of York, The Last White Rose**


I love Alison Weir’s books – I had saved this book and it was a pure delight to read

I read it last night in one sitting (it is only a short novella) but I loved it and I went straight on to Amazon and ordered the full book that this is the prequel too.

I loved the writing style, the layout and being able to catch up with some of my favourite historical figures, I love this period of history and find it all fascinating and I love that cover too

It is only a quick read but it is 5 stars from me, it is well written, had a lovey flow and it captivated my imagination and can’t wait to get cracking now on Elizabeth of York, the Last White Rose