#GuestReview for Bay’s Bet by Louise Furley #BookReview #LouiseFurley #BaysBet

Commander Bayou ‘Bullet’ DaRocco’s policy is to never seek sex from the women stationed at the base where his special black opts training is located. After brief entanglements, make that one shot stands where a man is apt to run into his past encounters only leads to those begrudged women becoming clingy and triggering outraged scenes of jealousy. Therefore, he smartly never hits on women at the base.

Until his gaze lights on Livy Stirling.

His suddenly sizzling green eyes melt into molten emeralds of desire.

Bay thought he’d been shot through the heart by Cupid’s freakin’ arrow.

His best friend Jules warns him that every man, and some women, have hit on Livy, but she froze all of them out, thus eliciting the offensive moniker of Frostine the Snowgirl.

On the surface, because she is desperately hiding herself after a horrific, vile incident, Livy appears frumpy. But, every male there sees something in her, something they all want a piece of. And Bay is no different.

Heeding the advice from his friends that directly asking her out will have her turning her small but well-formed nose in the air and freezing him out, Bay makes a plan to catch Livy’s interest.

But, as many of the best laid plans can fail, Bay’s does. Regardless, he pulls his big boy pants up, and with grit and determination, charges out to conquer Livy and make her his woman.

Things start to work in Bay’s benefit until Livy gets wind of a bet made between Bay’s friends that Bay would be able to seduce her, and when he succeeds, in humiliation, Livy disappears.

Bay desperately searches for her to explain the truth. They come in contact with each other when both are sent on a mission and using her skills of strategy, Livy turns the mission into a huge success.

Unfortunately, before Bay can get Livy alone and repair their broken relationship, Jered Michael Kenaz, the vicious deranged serial killer who had kidnapped, raped and murdered numerous women comes out of the woodwork and snatches Livy, the only one of his victims who ever got away. The first time.

How on earth is Bay going to find Livy and rescue her before Kenaz succeeds this time in his sick savage desires to brutally torture then kill Livy?

This story contains adult content.


Today I am delighted to be able to hand my blog over to my mum Chris so that she can share with you her review for Bay’s Bet.

I thought that this was a great book!

It had action and romance, it was well written and punchy – it had a great pace and kept me hooked.

I thought that the characters were well developed and they had some great interaction too.

This was a book with the “wow” factor for me – it is 5 stars – no hesitation – very highly recommended!