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Phoenix Rising centers around a hazmat firefighting team injured when a government-owned warehouse holding unknown chemicals explodes, killing one and injuring the others.

When the firefighters are released from the hospital, they discover they’ve developed paranormal powers. Powers government scientists want to study and develop, and they’ll go to any lengths necessary to get what they want.


Convicted of a grisly murder he didn’t commit, Teague Creek has nothing to lose. In a desperate escape, he abducts a hostage to use as leverage, only to find out he’s taken the wrong woman. Soon, it’s clear not only the cops and the FBI are hunting him, but his ugly past has joined the chase. And while Alyssa Foster may not be the woman he needs, she turns out to be the only woman he wants.

Alyssa is nearing the conclusion of her radiology fellowship with an amazing job on the horizon, but when she’s abducted by a prison inmate, her coveted position at the hospital she loves is put at risk. Creek has powers she doesn’t understand and a heart that tells her he’s not a hardened criminal. But when Alyssa digs in to help him, she finds something much darker than she expected. Undercover operatives want Creek silenced and they don’t care who they have to take out to succeed.


I am delighted to be able to hand my blog over to my mum Chris so that she can share with you her review for “Hot Blooded” by Skye Jordan on publication day!

I really loved this book!!

It was a brilliant story from Skye Jordan that was wonderfully written.

The writing style was spot on, and it held me captivated from the start to the fantastic ending.

I thought that the whole thing was excellent, the characters, the storyline, I couldn’t put it down!!

It is 5 stars from me for this one – very highly recommended!