My review of Reach for the Stars by Colleen Coleman

Today I am delighted to be able to take part in the blog tour for Reach for the Stars, the fantastically fun new release from Colleen Coleman!


When Evelyn Dooley married her high-school sweetheart, James, she thought she was set for life. Now she’s twenty-eight, single, and fleeing to Dublin from her hometown to avoid the gossip surrounding their break-up. And all because of a test-your-relationship board game.  This was not in her five-year plan.

Then a chance encounter with gorgeous musician Danny leads to an unlikely friendship, and soon the pair are running music nights together in one of the oldest pubs in Dublin. For the first time Evelyn is following her dreams rather than someone else’s – and sparks are beginning to fly between her and Danny…

But when her savings run out and home beckons, Evelyn has to choose. The safe, comfortable life she left behind, or a new adventure with Danny? Will Evelyn flee back to the familiarity of her ex, or reach for the stars and take a leap into the unknown?

A laugh-out-loud, feel-good story of friendship, second chances, and romance, perfect for fans of Mhairi McFarlane, Lindsey Kelk and Marian Keyes.

I really enjoyed this book!!  It genuinely made me feel good after I’d read it and for me that is practically priceless in a book – I laughed out loud and have already raved about this to friends and family and yes, they may well be getting copies of the book for Christmas!! The characters in the book are lovely and will genuinely leave you with a warm and cosy feeling inside – I loved it – 5 stars from me

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Author Bio:

Colleen Coleman is an Irish-Canadian novelist. She is the winner of the much-coveted Novelicious Undiscovered People’s Choice Award launched to find the next ‘chick-lit star’. She spent over ten years working as a teacher of English and Philosophy before finally taking a deep breath, scrunching her eyes shut, putting her pen to paper and vowing not to lift it again until she wrote the words The End. As a result, her first novel was born. Colleen lives between London, Ireland and Cyprus with her very patient husband and very, very chatty twin daughters. Don’t Stop Me Now, her first book was released in March 2017. photo 1

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My review of Christmas on Lovelace Lane by Alice Ross

With a beautiful house on Lovelace Lane, brilliant jobs and a great marriage, Carl and Sally Turnbull have the perfect life. Or they had. Until fate threw a rather large stumbling block in their way. With their relationship tested to the limit, Sally decides they need a break – from one another – for three whole months, which includes the festive period.

But with a new man suddenly appearing in Sally’s life, Carl finding himself increasingly attracted to another woman, plus all the stress of Christmas, will the break prove temporary? Or will they both be kissing someone else under the mistletoe?

I really enjoyed this book!  I felt so sorry for Carl as he really didn’t have a clue what was going on and he missed Sally so much that I was literally willing for everything to turn out right for him in the end!!  I loved the way that the different characters interacted and Gwen, Desiree and her granddaughter were all fab!  I could happily see myself living on Lovelace Lane too 🙂

I am so glad that the book ended the way it did and upon reflection I do think that this book could be read all year and not just be limited to being a Christmas read – I thoroughly enjoyed it and have given it a solid 4 stars – the book is released today so you can grab your copy now!!!

Finally a massive thanks to Alice for contacting me and sending me over an advance copy, it really helped me pass the time on the night feeds with Ava – thank you!! x

This is the fourth short story in the Lovelace Lane series:

Short Story 1 The Little Cottage on Lovelace Lane
Short Story 2 The Big House on Lovelace Lane
Short Story 3 The Wedding on Lovelace Lane


My review of Cold Blood by Robert Bryndza

Today I am delighted to be taking part in the blog blitz for the absolutely fantastic new release from Robert Bryndza – Cold Blood – as you can probably guess, I loved it!!!

Cold Blood - Blog Blitz

She fell in love with a killer, now she’s one too.

The suitcase was badly rusted, and took Erika several attempts, but it yielded and sagged open as she unzipped it. Nothing could prepare her for what she would find inside…

When a battered suitcase containing the dismembered body of a young man washes up on the shore of the river Thames, Detective Erika Foster is shocked. She’s worked on some terrifying cases but never seen anything like this before.

As Erika and her team set to work, she makes the link with another victim – the body of a young woman dumped in an identical suitcase two weeks ago.

Erika quickly realises she’s on the trail of a serial killer who’s already made their next move. Yet just as Erika starts to make headway with the investigation, she is the victim of a brutal attack.

But nothing will stop Erika. As the body count rises, the twin daughters of her colleague Commander Marsh are abducted, and the stakes are higher than ever before. Can Erika save the lives of two innocent children before it’s too late? She’s running out of time and about to make a disturbing discovery…there’s more than one killer.

As soon as I saw that this book was being released I was practically desperate to get my hands on it!!  If it was going to be anything like the others in the series I knew that I was going to be in for a HUGE treat and I am so delighted to say that YES – he has gone and done it again and this one might even be my favourite so far out of this brilliant series!!  Erika is on top form again and I love her along with the other characters in the book, I was hooked from the start with the gritty and gripping plot and I loved the pace for the book and the writing style which were absolutely spot on as always – another fantastic 5 star read – I need more Erika!!!

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Author Bio:

Robert Bryndza is the author of the international #1 bestseller The Girl in the Ice. The Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller is the first book in the Detective Erika Foster series.   Robert’s books have sold over 2 million copies, and have been translated into 27 languages.  In addition to writing crime fiction, Robert has published a bestselling series of romantic comedy novels. He is British and lives in Slovakia. RobertBryndzaAuthorPic - no credit needed

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My review of The Kindred Killers by Graham Smith

Today is my stop on the blog tour for the second Jake Boulder thriller – The Kindred Killers!


Jake Boulder’s help is requested by his best friend, Alfonse, when his cousin is crucified and burned alive along with his wife and children. As Boulder tries to track the heinous killer, a young woman is abducted. Soon her body is discovered and Boulder realises both murders have something unusual in common.

With virtually no leads for Boulder to follow, he strives to find a way to get a clue as to the killer’s identity. But is he hunting for one killer or more?

After a young couple are snatched in the middle of the night the case takes a brutal turn. When the FBI are invited to help with the case, Boulder finds himself warned off the investigation. When gruesome, and incendiary, footage from a mobile phone is sent to all the major US News outlets and the pressure to find those responsible for the crimes mounts. But with the authorities against him can Boulder catch the killer before it’s too late?

I read an advanced copy of this book back in June and have been waiting to share my review with you ever since – and I can now tell you that I thought that this book was just BRILLIANT!!  I loved the plot and the pace for the story was spot on.  The writing style was again excellent and I genuinely loved the whole story, I sat down and read it in a few hours whilst I was making the most of my maternity leave before my little one arrived – clearly I had my priorities right – reading and relaxing!!  I cannot recommend this book and series highly enough and didn’t hesitate at all to give it five stars – for me Jake is a brilliant character and I am very much looking forward to his next adventure!!

The Kindred Killers FINAL correct

Author Bio:

A time served joiner Graham has built bridges, houses, dug drains and slated roofs to make ends meet. Since Christmas 2000 he has been manager of a busy hotel and wedding venue near Gretna Green, Scotland.

An avid fan of crime fiction since being given one of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five books at the age of eight, he has also been a regular reviewer and interviewer for the well-respected website since 2009

He is the author of four books featuring DI Harry Evans and the Cumbrian Major Crimes Team and now two books in the crime series featuring Utah doorman, Jake Boulder.

Graham Smith Author Pic

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My review of Degrees of Darkness by Tony J Forder

Today I am delighted to be able to take part in the book blitz for the new release by Tony J. Forder – Degrees of Darkness!


Pre-teen girls are being abducted from their homes and their families murdered.  When Frank Rogers, once a DI with the Met and now running his own debt collection agency, is told that his own daughter is missing, his son murdered, he naturally wants to become involved with the case.

Soon Frank’s face is all over the news. In an unexpected turn of events, the killer contacts the police and says he is willing to talk, but only to Frank.

When the body of the first abducted girl is discovered, Frank realises it is a race against time to save his daughter.   In order to solve the case, Frank must work out how the killer is picking his victims.  But how do you catch a murderer who is hiding in plain sight? And can Frank solve the mystery, when he has so much to lose?


“I am the dark, and you should fear me…”  As soon as I read this line at the start of the book, I knew it would be one that I wouldn’t want or be able to put down!  I read the book in one sitting and was completely enthralled in the story!  The writing style was spot on, the pace was great and the characters were brilliant – I really enjoyed it and would highly recommend it to anyone who loves a good crime read – 5 stars from me and definitely looking forward to more of the same from this author!!

Degrees 1 apple neo goth + gnuolane (1)

Author Bio:

On 1st February 2017, Tony signed to Bloodhound Books, who published his edgy crime thriller Bad to the Bone in spring. It is the first in a series.   Later this year, Tony’s second novel for Bloodhound Books, Degrees of Darkness, featuring ex-detective Frank Rogers, will be published.

Tony has been writing stories since childhood, but it was only when he won a short story competition judged by an editor from Pan Books, that he realised he might actually be half decent at this writing business.

The story, Gino’s Bar and Grille, went on to be published in Dark Voices 2, part of the celebrated Pan Book of Horror series. Three further short story sales followed: Book End, published in Dark Voices 4, Character Role, in FEAR magazine, and finally A Grim Story, which featured in A Rattler’s Tale.TJF05

During a book singing for Dark Voices 2, Tony was seated next to author Brian Lumley. At one point, Tony revealed to Brian that he felt out of place alongside all the proper writers. Brian then told Tony something he has never forgotten: “The moment you sat down and pulled a story out of your imagination and put it to paper, you became a proper writer.”

Subsequently, Tony began to focus on novel writing. He admits that his initial attempts were exploratory and somewhat derivative, although there was some interest from an agent – who oddly enough turned out to be Brian Lumley’s wife, Dorothy.

Tony wrote Degrees of Darkness, which he was happy with. He wasn’t so happy with a follow-up, so that never saw the light of day.    As a part-time writer with a full-time job, plus some ill-health, life got in the way and, although Tony continued writing, it took a back seat to making a living.   This year, however, Tony has been inspired by new ideas, and has been working hard on two new books, both of which should be completed in 2017.

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Cover Reveal for Indiscretions by Piper Reed

Today I am delighted to be able to take part in the cover reveal for Indiscretions by Piper Reed!  The book is released on 26th September 2017

This is one story I never dreamed I would share. I didn’t think anyone would understand. Why would I? I don’t really understand it myself.

As soon as I saw him, the dangerously sexy therapist with his chiseled jaw and rock-hard abs, I knew he wasn’t your typical psychiatrist. He was every woman’s fantasy wrapped up in a seductively charming package.

I should’ve turned and walked away, but the moment I heard his voice, deep and sultry, I found myself sharing things I’d never shared with anyone—including my most intimate secret.

It was just talk, until it wasn’t.

Some indiscretions are meant to be shared, and if you’re up for a little taboo, I’ll share my favorite indiscretion with you. It’s not like you’ll tell anyone. Right?

Looking for a book that will have your heart racing and your panties melting? Then, this hilarious, over-the-top, insta-love, sexy romance is just for you. Get your fans out ladies because this one is going to be hot! Indiscretions is a standalone novella with an HEA and no cheating.

Indiscretions Ecover.jpg

About Author Piper Reeds:

Piper Reeds is all about having a good time. She loves laughing with her two small children, dancing with her husband, and writing sexy reads that will bring a smile to your face. As a new author, she wants to give her readers an escape from reality by writing short, love stories with hot alpha men and the women who rein them in.

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Cover Reveal for Seven Seconds by Lisa Compton!!

Today I am delighted to be able to take part in the cover reveal for Seven Seconds, the upcoming release by Lisa Compton – it is being published by Perpetuity Publishing in December 2017 – after seeing the cover and reading the blurb below I am really looking forward to this one!!

Seven Seconds by Lisa Compton marks the debut of a thrilling paranormal crime series.

Olivia Osborne, a forensic psychologist and former FBI agent, is blessed (or cursed depending on who you ask) with unique gifts. Olivia is able to sense what others cannot–the spiritual presence of those who have “crossed over,” as well as the living who are influenced, or some cases possessed, by evil. The passing of her beloved Gran was the catalyst Olivia Osborn needed to leave the FBI behind and return to her native San Antonio. But a familiar evil has followed her home. 

When a series of brutal murders rock her hometown of San Antonio, Texas, Olivia is pulled into the investigation despite her plans to leave that part of her life behind. What if she isn’t supposed to run? What if she was always supposed to stand and fight?

Seven Seconds will launch in December 2017 through all major retailers in eBook, paperback, and hard cover formats.   Additional information about the author can be found at

Seven Seconds 4.1