My review of Don’t Look Behind You by Mel Sherratt

She got into bed but sleep didn’t come easily.  Every creak in the house made her alert.  She was waiting for him to come and get her…

The small city of Stockleigh is in shock as three women are brutally attacked within days of each other. Are they random acts of violence or is there a link between the victims? For Detective Eden Berrisford, it’s her most chilling case yet.  The investigation leads Eden to cross paths with Carla, a woman trying to rebuild her life after her marriage to a cruel and abusive man ended in unimaginable tragedy. Her husband Ryan was imprisoned for his crimes but, now he’s out and coming for her.  As Eden starts to close in on the attacker, she also puts herself in grave danger. Can she stop him before he strikes again? And can Carla, terrified for her life, save herself – before the past wreaks a terrible revenge?

I loved this book and it grabbed me right from the start, it has a lot of twists and turns, the pace is great and I loved how the suspense built up to keep me guessing until the end, it is a real page turner.   The story covers some tough subjects really well and the way the whole thing was written drew me in and at times it really made me detest some of the characters.  I wouldn’t hesitate to give it 5 stars and looking forward to more of the same!!  It’s available to buy now so you can grab your copy straight away!




My review of The Girls Next Door by Mel Sherratt

One warm spring evening, five teenagers meet in a local park. Only four will come out alive.

Six months after the stabbing of sixteen-year-old Deanna Barker, someone is coming after the teenagers of Stockleigh, as a spate of vicious assaults rocks this small community. Revenge for Deanna? Or something more? Detective Eden Berrisford is locked into a race against time to catch the twisted individual behind the attacks – but when her own niece, Jess Mountford, goes missing, the case gets personal. With the kidnapper threatening Jess’s life, can Eden bring back her niece to safety? Or will the people of Stockleigh be forced to mourn another daughter…?

I really loved this book, I found it thoroughly enjoyable and everything from the scene setting, pace of the plot, characters and descriptions were spot on. I had this book to read for a while and when I had the second book lined up to read I picked it up and honestly kicked myself that I hadn’t read it sooner. It’s one of the best books I’ve read so far in 2017 and I have already read the best part of 60 books already. Very highly recommended and if, like me you have had it on your ‘to read’ pile (or mountain in my case) for a while, its definitely worth bumping it up to the top, it’s available now – loved it 5 stars!!



My review of Little Girl Lost by Carol Wyer

A perfect family hiding disturbing secrets. A killer who wants the truth to be told.

A teacher goes missing under suspicious circumstances.  A millionaire is murdered at a local reservoir.  For Detective Robyn Carter, there’s no obvious link between the men. But as she starts to delve into the cases, her investigations lead her to Abigail, perfect wife and mother to beautiful little Izzy. What was Abigail’s connection to the victims? And why is she receiving threatening messages from an anonymous number?  But as Robyn starts to inch closer to finding the killer, Izzy is abducted.

Unless Robyn gets to the twisted individual in time, a little girl will die …

This book starts off covering a tough subject but it’s handled very well and it sets the scene for the rest of the book, even if it is pretty harrowing, it needs to be there to enable the rest of the story to develop, so please don’t let it put you off, it’s worth hanging on in there.  This is a fantastically gritty book that kept me gripped to the end, it’s action packed and a real thriller that sets off at a fast pace that continues at the same to the very end.  I liked the main characters and how the story develops and unfold as the book goes on.

I’m really looking forward to the next book in the series and it’s quite a step away from the normal books you’d expect from Carol if you are fans of her other works but she has slotted in to this genre with ease.  Highly recommended, 5 stars from me.

The book comes out on the 19th January 2017 so you can pre-order your copy now!




My review of The Gift by Louise Jensen

The perfect daughter. The perfect girlfriend. The perfect murder?

Jenna is seriously ill. She’s lost all hope of getting the heart transplant she needs to live. But just as her life is ebbing away, she receives a donor heart from a girl called Callie.
Who was Callie and how did she die? Jenna is determined to find out. The closer Jenna gets to those who loved Callie, the more questions arise about her untimely death. Someone knows what happened to Callie. Why won’t they talk?  Jenna is about to uncover the truth, but it could cost her everything; her loved ones, her sanity, even her life.

Having read the author’s previous book, I knew that I wanted to read this one, she had a lot to live up too but boy did she do it! This is a gripping psychological thriller which covers a tough subject. The Gift explores the touch subject of organ donation and the impact of this upon the recipient.

The book covers the concept of Cellular Muscle Memory (whereby human cells retain their memories after transplantation, in this case, a heart) and whilst I have read a little bit about this in the past, the book really did made me wonder how much would the person receiving the organ know and could this change the past for the donor.

The main character did slightly irritate me at times but not enough to be put off, I desperately wanted to know how the book was going to end, and I was really pleased with the ending. Plenty of twists and turns, I guessed some of them but still plenty of surprises for me. Looking forward to more of the same please Louise!

The book is out now!




My review of Blink by K. L. Slater

What if the person you love most in the world was in terrible danger … because of you? 

Three years ago, Toni’s five-year-old daughter Evie disappeared after leaving school. The police have never been able to find her. There were no witnesses, no CCTV, no trace. But Toni believes her daughter is alive. And as she begins to silently piece together her memories, the full story of the past begins to reveal itself, and a devastating truth.  Toni’s mind is trapped in a world of silence, her only chance to save herself is to manage the impossible. She must find a way to make herself heard. She must find her daughter.

I finished this book at 3.30 am as I couldn’t put it down, it took a while for the story to fully sink in after I’d read it as I didn’t want to rush my review but can honestly say wow – it was a fantastic psychological thriller and I was kept hooked throughout. Lots of twists and turns, an excellent pace and so much suspense and surprise, I didn’t quite know where the book was going at times. I guessed who might be responsible and involved in the underlying story and was partly right but there were still plenty of other suspects thrown in to fix things up and make me doubt myself and I love a book that keeps me guessing as close to the end as possible. I didn’t really like any of the characters at all and some I quite detested but I still wanted to read the book at the same fast pace and that for me is the sign of an excellent read. Well this is the first book that I have read by K. L. Slater and I definitely need to read her other book now as It’s been on my TBR pile for far too long, this has just pushed it right up to the top – couldn’t be anything other than 5 stars!

The book is released on 16th February 2017 – pre-order your copy now!



My review of Play Dead by Angela Marsons

The dead don’t tell secrets… unless you listen.

The girl’s smashed-in face stared unseeing up to the blue sky, soil spilling out of her mouth. A hundred flies hovered above the bloodied mess.

Oh my goodness, I do love a good crime thriller and for me Angela Marson has created an excellent series starring Kim Stone – it is one of the best series that is around at the moment.

“Westerley research facility is not for the faint-hearted. A ‘body farm’ investigating human decomposition, its inhabitants are corpses in various states of decay. But when Detective Kim Stone and her team discover the fresh body of a young woman, it seems a killer has discovered the perfect cover to bury their crime.

Then a second girl is attacked and left for dead, her body drugged and mouth filled with soil. It’s clear to Stone and the team that a serial killer is at work – but just how many bodies will they uncover? And who is next?

As local reporter, Tracy Frost, disappears, the stakes are raised. The past seems to hold the key to the killer’s secrets – but can Kim uncover the truth before a twisted, damaged mind claims another victim …?”

When I saw that this book was coming out, I knew I had to get my hands on a copy – could she really emulate the other three Stone books that I had given 5 stars too?? Well, quite simply – yes!!  This book was excellent!!

I love the character that Angela Marsons has created in Kim Stone, she has a secretive personality and we are just starting to get glimpses of her past life.  The writing style in this book flows and it just builds the story up with the right amount of suspense.

I really enjoyed this book and with this latest instalment we get to see a glimpse of another side to Kim which I hope will be explored in future novels.  This one can be read as a stand alone too.  For me this was another 5 star smash and I am already looking forward to the next one having seen a sneak peak earlier in the week of some of the lines coming up – can’t wait!!


My review of The Birdwatcher by William Shaw

For those who know me, am a huge fan of Birdwatching and one of my favourite book genres is crime fictions, so when I saw this book, for me it was like a match made in heaven and I couldn’t wait to read a copy – and I wasn’t disappointed…

“Police Sergeant William South has a reason for not wanting to be on the murder investigation…. He is a murderer himself.

But the victim was his only friend; like him, a passionate birdwatcher. South is warily partnered with the strong-willed Detective Sergeant Alexandra Cupidi, newly recruited to the Kent coast from London. Together they find the body, violently beaten, forced inside a wooden chest. Only rage could kill a man like this. South knows it.

But soon – too soon – they find a suspect: Donnie Fraser, a drifter from Northern Ireland. His presence in Kent disturbs William – because he knew him as a boy. If the past is catching up with him, South wants to meet it head on. For even as he desperately investigates the connections, he knows there is no crime, however duplicitous or cruel, that can compare to the great lie of his childhood.

Moving from the storm-lashed, bird-wheeling skies of the Kent Coast to the wordless war of the Troubles, The Birdwatcher is a crime novel of suspense, intelligence and powerful humanity about fathers and sons, grief and guilt and facing the darkness within.”

For me this book had just the right amount of suspense and the build up was great. I really enjoyed the nature aspects of the book too and the writing style which drew you in slowly.  Its one of those books that runs the past and present stories in alternate chapters so its growing in two areas- and what was mentioned was highly realistic.  This was the first book I have read by William Shaw and he’s definitely one I’m adding to my favourite authors list – 5 stars for this book from me, I really enjoyed it