All About Donna

I am an avid reader and I read hundreds of books each year.  I started to review books sent to me through NetGalley in January 2015 and I have been lucky enough to review some amazing books.  I have recently sent back my 1400th review through them!

I am a keen reader having rated just over 2500 books and reviewed  over 1400 books on Goodreads since joining them as a member.  To give you an idea of my reading numbers…  In 2014 I read 507 books, in 2015 I read 631 books and in 2016 I read 513 books, I’m currently on maternity leave and filling my spare time with reading when my daughter, Ava is asleep!  At the end of September 2017 I had read my 433rd book of the year!

I am a massive fan of crime, suspense, romance, chick lit, psychological thrillers and mystery books but my heart lies truly with historical fiction, and non fiction.  This is what really got me in to read all those years ago.  I am happy to take requests to review books from all genres along with indie and self-published authors too.

If you would like me to consider reviewing a book, please drop me a line at and I will be happy to take a look, please note I do take part in a lot of blog tours so I may not be able to fit it in straight away – you can also find me on Twitter @dmmaguire391 and at




10 thoughts on “All About Donna

  1. Well done Donna, speaking as an author I think it is fantastic you read so much, and whats more that you post the reviews.
    If it is ok, I’ll drop you a line later regarding my book….just in case you might be interested.


  2. Hi,

    Thank you so much for agreeing to take part in my recent blog tour organised by Rachel Gilbey. I am so pleased that you gave up your time to review my novels. I really appreciate your comments.

    Wishing you all the best for the festive season.

    Regards, Diane


  3. Hi Donna – I would like to thank you all again, for taking the time to review my book ‘More Than A Game’.
    I’d like to turn your attention to a Podcast that discusses the contents of the book, you might find interesting.

    Thanks Again
    Ralph Robb


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