My review of 37 Hours by J.F. Kirwan

Today is my stop on the blog tour for 37 Hours by J.F. Kirwan, the second book in the Nadia Laksheva series!

37 Hours Blog Tour

After two long years spent in a secret British prison, Nadia Laksheva is suddenly granted her freedom. Yet there is a dangerous price to pay for her release: she must retrieve the Russian nuclear warhead stolen by her deadliest enemy, a powerful and ruthless terrorist known only as The Client.

But her mysterious nemesis is always one step ahead and the clock is ticking. In 37 hours, the warhead will explode, reducing the city of London to a pile of ash. Only this time, Nadia is prepared to pull the trigger at any cost…

The deadly trail will take her from crowded Moscow to the silent streets of Chernobyl, but will Nadia find what she is looking for before the clock hits zero?

I had read the previous book to this and the first in the series 66 Metres and I thoroughly enjoyed that one so 37 Hours had a lot to live up to! Well I started the book and after a few pages I knew that the author had done it again and I flew through the book! I do love a strong female lead and Nadia is superb.

I really enjoyed the plot and the writing style was great again, I was gripped and didn’t want to put it down until the end, so many twists and turns, it really is an excellent story! I am now eagerly waiting for the next book in the series, 88 Degrees North!! And last but not least, 66 Metres is currently free on Amazon and I definitely recommend it!



About the author:
In his day job, J. F. Kirwan travels worldwide, working on aviation safety. He lives in Paris, where he first joined a fiction class – and became hooked! So when a back injury stopped him scuba diving for two years, he wrote a thriller about a young Russian woman, Nadia, where a lot of the action occurred in dangerously deep waters. It was the only way he could carry on diving! But as the story and characters grew, he realised it was not one book, but three…
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