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Crab, Dab & Blenny is a fun, rhyming picture book about the serious theme of plastics in the ocean.

Fish friends Dab and Blenny are upset by the plastic that washes into their lovely rockpool home.

Crab, on the other hand, just LOVES the shiny bright colour…

But when Blenny gets caught in plastic twine, Crab finally understands the danger of plastics in the ocean.

Crab, Dab & Blenny is a book that celebrates friendship and the vast variety of life that exists in a quiet rockpool.

Perfect for early readers or as a bedtime story for four- to eight-year-olds.


I read this book with my daughter and she loved it!

She is a big fan of all things nature and at the moment is really loving the sea and sea creatures so this was a massive hit with her – she loved the illustrations too and as I mum I thought that they were great and really brought the story to life.

It was an easy book to read and follow and I liked how the story developed and showed the gradual impact. Ava is 4 in July and she really got in to the story, the sign for me of a hit with her is when she asks to read the book again – and as soon as this one was done, she wanted it again and was telling me who the characters were and what was happening as the book went on – and I loved that about it.

She is at a wonderful age where she would rather have a book and use her imagination and I love finding books that allow her to play and develop and ones that trigger her interest to find out more and as a mum this one certainly ticked those boxes.

It is 5 stars from us for this one, well written, a lovely rhyming style and some fab images and best of it it carries a very important message! Very highly recommended

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